About Us

Pioneer Construction, Inc. is locally owned and operated by Randy Piontek. He has been building custom homes in Greenwood, SC for 25 years.

Randy started working in the construction industry on the first day of summer vacation as a co-op student when he was just 16 years old. He began by doing heating and cooling installations for a company in Warren, Michigan. He can remember getting that first job, making $2.75 an hour and thinking how lucky he was to have it so good! He would work that entire summer, 7 days a week, crawling under homes installing sheet metal ductwork and new furnaces. After doing this for three more years he decided to begin his own heating and cooling business at the age of nineteen. Over the years this business grew into a commercial construction company and he began building different commercial projects.

After his Dad had a job re-location in 1980, Randy’s parents and five younger brothers moved to Greenwood, South Carolina leaving him and his young family and new business in Michigan. In 1992, after becoming homesick for his family, Randy decided to leave a thriving business in order to live near his family in Greenwood. Since moving, Randy and his wife and five children have been able to see all his brothers get married and have children. He has also been able to build a home for his parents and each of his five brothers. Currently, Randy’s family,  parents, five brothers, their wives, and many, many nieces and nephews all live within a mile of each other.

When Randy and his family left Michigan, they left friends and a successful business and had to start from the bottom and work their way up. There were not a lot of commercial jobs in Greenwood in the early nineties so he began building custom homes under the name Pioneer Construction, Inc. Shortly after starting Pioneer Construction, Inc., his brothers Steve and Gary also came on board and since then his oldest son, Chris, has also joined the team. In the past twenty five years Pioneer Construction, Inc. has become one of the largest residential construction companies in Greenwood. Randy and his family have worked hard to buildPioneer Construction, Inc. into the successful operation it is today. They take pride in ensuring that the namePioneer Construction, Inc. is synonymous with quality and excellence. They have been successful by caring about customers and doing what they promise!

Contact Pioneer Construction, Inc. today to begin the process of building a home and a friendship with a local builder you can trust!